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Privacy Policy

We respect the Privacy of Our readers. FSWTF is committed to keep your private information private. We have to collect personal data for different uses. Here is detailed information about it. Please note that we update our privacy policy from Time to Time. So Do check it periodically:

IP Addresses:

IP addresses of our visitors are used to improve and diagnose the performance of our websites and server.

Form Submission

We might ask our users to fill certain kind of forms. The information you will be required to submit will be Name and Email address. This is to personalize your experience on Website Plus to give your regular updates with new content. We Do Not Spam.


We Do not use cookies. However Certain AD programs that the site runs like – Google Adsense might use cookies to serve ads.


We are committed to keep your privacy private. We do not leakout your information in any way to third party. Neither do We accept bribe in exchange of that.