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Who is Donna Goudeau and the video Clip

In 2011, Donna Goudeau was a criminal from Texas that turned into an internet sensation after her arrest in 2014 went viral. She and two other male accomplice’s were charged with violence against Juan Sustiata who is 73 years old Kansas man staying at Driftwood Inn on Memorial Boulevard .

The Crime

On July 20, 2011 three people went door to door knocking at Driftwood Inn until Juan Sustiata answered. They forced their way into the victim’s room and physically assaulted him before stealing his debit card information which they used later that day for an ATM transaction as well as during some time when all four were together in bed tortureing him with a pillowcase over head while repeatedly stabbing it until he gave up what they wanted -the correct pin number on said account!

When the three individuals responsible for Juan Sustiata’s injuries were arrested, they tried to use his credit card in order buy gas. This act led authorities all over social media through various channels such as Facebook and YouTube where this video is seen by thousands of people daily who have no knowledge about what happened before or after its filming–only that there was finally justice served on these criminals because they will never forget how their victim suffered at their hands!

Donna Goudeau Conviction

The three assailants responsible for the violent robbery were all convicted, Keyron Elmore was sentenced to 60 years in prison. Jeremy Goudeau received 50 years of incarceration while Donna will serve 18 more before her release on July 29th 2029.

The loss victims suffer after being robbed is felt most keenly when they are unable deter or escape from their captors due not just because it’s them but also considering how young some people can be during these traumatic events that leave scars forever.

The Arrest Video of Donna Goudeau

Donna Goudeau’s arrest video is responsible for her sudden rise to fame, in the video, Donna Goudeau made several comments which many found comical. Some of the most memorable lines from the video include the following:

  • ”All I know is my side of the story, I can’t tell no other story, I’m innocent, hey mama I love you, POP hold it down, Pimp Squad baby for life”
  • ”They saying I drove the getaway car, but I cannot see, I’m legally blind, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it”
  • ”I’m a female” (After being called sir by the interviewer)
  • ”Hey, I got something else to say, come to the other side”
  • ”My name is Goudeau, I’m not no Goudeau”.